Cumberland Animal Clinic

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Pet of the month: Rascals!

We adopted Rascals from the Animal Refuge League in 2003.  I had never had a pet before in my life but my girlfriend is a cat lover. So I told her to pick one out for her birthday present but she would have to take care of it.  Well that was a good plan but she knew how easy it is to become very attached to a pet very quickly.  And she was right.  This kitten took control of this house from day one.  Now 12 years later she has a living room full of cubes to run in and out of, a shoe box overflowing with toys, and a pile of milk jug rings she stores by her food dishes.  (I hang plastic Christmas balls on the bottom of the tree just for her to play with too.)  She is peeking out the back door window every day when I drive in after work and she likes to watch me work on things down cellar.  We’ve become an inseparable team.   I guess you could say her one blue eye and one green eye stole our hearts from the beginning.  Adopting Rascals was the best decision we ever made.  Now she is almost 13 years old and I would have to admit that I wouldn’t trade her for anything.   

John S.