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  Happy Holidays from all of us at Cumberland Animal Clinic!

The 12 Days of Christmas Hazards

'Tis the Season for festivities and Holiday decorations but amidst all the glitter and bright lights there are hazards that every pet owner should be aware of. We want you and your fur babies to have a safe, happy and healthy Holiday season so we our featuring the 12 Days of Christmas Hazards to help spread awareness and help you deck your halls with health and safety in mind!

DAY 1: Tinsel-less Town! MEOWWWWW!  Kitties love tinsel - it's a sparkling dangling toy that's easy to bat around and carry in their mouths. But please beware! A nibble can lead to a swallow, which can lead to an obstruction in the digestive track, severe vomiting, dehydration and possible surgery to remove said shiny object. It's best to brighten your boughs with twig or paper decorations, shatterproof ornaments and even silk or velvet ribbons that are securely tied to the tree. Keep catnip scented wool balls under the tree for a safe toy alternative and always be sure to anchor your tree well if you don't want to put your tree up more than once! Avoid Tinsel-Town this Season!

DAY 2: Fruitcakes & Christmas Puddings!  Day 2: Fruitcake & Christmas Puddings! The much-maligned Holiday fruitcake is indeed a toxic Holiday Hazard as is Bob Cratchit’s beautiful, but potentially deadly, mince Christmas pudding. Often soaked in rum and packed with mince, currents and raisins, these Holiday staples from Grandma are downright toxic! Your pet pooch is especially susceptible to acute kidney failure if the dried fruits are ingested. The alcohol and yeast content in many homemade fruitcakes is equally dangerous and could result in intoxication and subsequent metabolic and neurologic problems. From kidney failure to cardiovascular collapse, shock and death, the risks associated with fruitcake ingestion are simply too great. Stay vigilant and keep your pets safe! Be sure visiting guests know not to “treat” your pet with fruitcake or any other sweets. Consider keeping a special jar with healthy treats just for the fur-kids and let guests know these are appropriate to give. Dispose of dinner and desert leftovers carefully and pet proof you’re recycling or trash bin. Never put a fruitcake under the tree as it is sure to be sniffed out and potentially ingested. Ditto with using granny’s fruitcake as a doorstop! If a fruitcake or Christmas pudding arrives at your home this Holiday Season, keep it out of sight, out of reach and off-limits from your fur-kids and you’ll all ring in the New Year together and in good health! To Fruitcake & Christmas puddings we say Bah! Humbug! & To All a Good Night!


Some of our wonderful clients, patients and staff pictures! 

We have a fully stocked beverage bar with hot coffee, decaf, tea, green tea, apple cider, and hot cocoa. 

This slideshow is from our open house June 2015. 

This team photo is from our Holiday party at Easy Day bowling in South Portland. 



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